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Cantate Youth Choir, a registered charitable organisation, has a vision is to enrich the lives of children through a high calibre singing education and choral experiences.  Its choirs provide opportunities for students to grow and advance their musical and social development whilst being part of the “Cantate Family”.


  • Be truly open access – accepting students of all singing ability with no auditions to join
  • Offer a positive and safe environment where young people can flourish both musically and socially
  • Bring together as many local children as possible from the ages of 6-18 committed to the purpose of singing
  • Set high performance standards for the students to achieve
  • Attract and retain the highest possible calibre of musicians to teach the students
  • Explore all types of music to ensure variety, maintain interest, and expand the students’ repertoires and understanding of music in different syles
  • Play an active role in the community as ambassadors of high quality music education and singing in particular
  • Value and maintain the partnerships with the alumni choirs, Coro94 and the Cantate Graduates, as well as with the adult choir, Amici Cantate



Cantate is divided into four distinct groups which perform on their own and in combination with the other groups. Each choir performs at least one concert a term and sometimes more, depending on the demands of the season.


The Trainers (for children in school years 2 and 3)

Meets on a Sunday from 2-3pm for an hour of singing and rhythm work.  They spend part of the rehearsal with the Training Choir before splitting off for their own fun and relaxed sessions with a short break in the middle.  They are then welcome to stay for the Training Choir tuck break from 3-3.15pm.


The Training Choir (for children in school years 4-6)

This is a natural progression from the Trainers. The choir meets on a Sunday from 2-4pm, with a 15 minute break for tuck in the middle.  Children are encouraged to develop their voices in a variety of music and part singing is introduced. Each child receives a term of samba lessons during the year which runs from 4pm-4.45pm.


The Youth Choir

This is our core ensemble where students develop their musicianship.  Meeting on Saturday from 2-4.30pm (with a tuck break in the middle of the session), we accept singers in school years 7-9, though there is some flexibility with the Senior Choir for the oldest singers, depending on ability and experience.  The choir works on a variety of repertoire in 3-5 parts as well as splitting for sessions for boys and girls alone.  The boys’ voice change is carefully managed with appropriate material and they are encouraged to sing at a range that best suits their stage of vocal change.  Each student receives 30 minutes of percussion work during the rehearsal.


Cantate Senior Choir

This is the flagship ensemble of the organisation with singers accepted from year 10 onwards.  There is a natural progression from the Youth into the Senior Choir and students joining us would need to demonstrate a commitment to the choir’s high standard through regular attendance and work.  The choir meets on a Sunday from 3.15-6pm and sings a challenging repertoire in 4-8 parts.  The choir is often asked to perform on a national stage, and is a partner choir for Gabrieli ROAR – a training scheme run for some of the finest youth choirs in the UK.  For those who are interested, a separate rhythm and percussion workshop runs from 2.30-3.15pm before the main rehearsal.